A study has been conducted on Determination of Anti Inflammatory Effect of Boiled Leaf Drinking Water (Deymoglossum piloselloides L.Presl) on Male Rats. A total of 15 male white tails aged 2-3 months weighing 150-200 grams. Male white rats were divided into 5 groups. Group I (normal) was given a 5 ml aquadest, Group II (drug control) was given Diclofenac Sodium solution according to the dosage and weight of the test animals, The test group: groups III, IV, V were each given a 10%, 15% 20%. The method used is the formation of artificial udem on the feet of the mouse. As a udem inducer, 0.2 ml of carrels is subcutaneously used. The parameters observed were the decrease in udem volume after the administration of the test substance, then calculate the mean udem,% udem,% inhibition and followed by calculating the strength of the effects of the test substance compared with the drug. From the research conducted, it can be concluded that the strength of the effect of the test substance compared with the drug for the concentration of 10% has a strength effect of 62.22%, 15% concentration has a power effect of 61.02% and 20% concentration has a power effect of 86.22 %.